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Harold Nash Lake Lanier Fishing Guide Service specializes in trophy sportfishing for big Lake Lanier stripers and Lake Lanier bass. Our professional Lake Lanier fishing guide trips provide the boat, gas, oil, tackle, lures, and all other reasonable services needed to make your day a successful and enjoyable one. We also have fishing gift certificates for professional Lake Lanier fishing guide trips for Christmas, birthdays, and other such occasions.

Harold Nash Lake Lanier Fishing Guide Service has been a professional business operation for over twenty-five years. Ours is a full-time, sole occupation Lake Lanier fishing guide business and should in no way be confused with the ever-increasing number of those who are purely part-time, on-the-side "fishing guides" (please be sure to visit our page on Choosing a Fishing Guide Service at our other site, www.lanierfishingguide.com). Our business philosophy stresses integrity, truthfulness, and the use of techniques consistent with the best principles of sportfishing. You'll find no surf rods, no trolling, no electric reels, no catchy gimmicks, no phony titles or false claims, and no efforts to sell you fishing tackle. We do not concoct "fish tales" and we do not mislead customers regarding current fishing conditions or recent results. We use artificial lures (a lot of which are handcrafted) and light to ultralight tackle to take Lanier's giant stripers and bass. In what "may be an unofficial record for one day on Lanier" two customers used ultralight tackle with Harold Nash "to catch sixty-one striped bass that weighed an estimated 760 pounds." ATLANTA JOURNAL & CONSTITUTION, March 1996. These fish were all caught on light tackle and hair jigs personally tied and made by Harold Nash and, while obviously an extraordinary day, the potential capabilities of light tackle to catch large, hard pulling sport fish is aptly illustrated.

Harold Nash Lake Lanier Fishing Guide Service is totally independent and is affiliated with no other businesses in any way. Harold Nash is the sole proprietor. Harold Nash has a degree in English and Political Science, he served as a U.S. Marine Corps Officer, and he is a proud parent. His customers have taken 40 pound stripers, 11 pound largemouth bass, and 7 1/2 pound spotted bass.

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